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Sculpted provides body contouring services, a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, fat tucks and injections.
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Welcome to Sculpted!

Looking your best just got easier!

Hi, I’m Katesha. I am a registered nurse, certified in aesthetic lasers and body sculpting. I am pleased to use my experience in nursing and my knowledge of the bodies cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, to provide you with the ultimate body sculpting experience through ultrasonic cavitation, radio-frequency, vacuum therapy and low-level laser therapy (LLLT). Other services include hydrafacials, mesotherapy, vitamin therapy, and whole body waxing.


What is Body Contouring?


Body contouring is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, fat tucks, and injections.

These procedures are ideal for anyone that has recently had surgery, lost a significant amount of weight, has areas of stubborn body fat, cellulite and/or wrinkles. Body contouring can target specific problem areas where fat tends to accumulate, such as the belly, love handles, thighs, and arms.

Sculpted is proud to offer Body Sculpting to help you achieve your body your way, for men and women. These treatments are becoming the number one choice for many men and woman due to it being non-invasive, risk free and no recovery time is needed.


Ultrasonic Cavitation and Radio Frequency

Ultrasonic cavitation is the use of ultrasound technology to break down fat cells below the skin; it is a non-surgical method of reducing cellulite and localized fat.


Radiofrequency uses (RF) energy on the skin heating up the various skin layers to stimulate collagen production which smooths and lifts the skin's surface.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift AKA vacuum therapy is a technique that helps to lift your skin via a mechanical device equipped with suction cups on the buttocks or hips to help achieve an hourglass shape.


Vitamin Therapy


Each of the ingredients helps the body turn fat into energy and are also powerful antioxidants. In addition to the Lipotropics blend, Lipo-Mino also contains a mixture of B vitamins which further help to facilitate fat loss and increase energy.

Amino Acids

This amino blend could help boost your metabolism, improve energy levels, increase endurance and help to burn fat. It also provides your body essential and nonessential amino acids it requires to stay healthy.


This amino blend could help boost your metabolism, improve energy levels, increase endurance and help to burn fat. It also provides your body essential and nonessential amino acids it requires to stay healthy.



Face Filler Injection


Liquid medications injected superficially to relax muscle movement that form facial wrinkles.


Treatment areas include frown lines, forehead lines, Crow’s feet, Lip Flip and masseters.


Neuromodulators are approved for patients 18 year old and older, not indicated during pregnancy or breastfeeding,

Injection cosmetology

Dermal Fillers

Gel injections into the skin to add volume to plump and shape lips, smooth lines, fill deficits, or lift and contour cheeks.


The type of dermal filler used is dependent on treatment area and desired outcome.


Dermal fillers are approved for patients 21 years and older.


To book an appointment for injectables message Taryn on Facebook by clicking below!




This is the perfect facial for someone on the go.  Enjoy a thorough cleansing of the skin, light exfoliation, a moisturizing mask, gentle massage and moisturizer.



Pre-Cleanse, analize, cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, face massage, mask, tone, moisturize, and protect.

All about you


 A custom facial including a thorough cleanse, an exfoliating treatment, and a mask. Enjoy a soothing shoulder, neck, hand, and arm massage while your mask works its magic.



Helps to improve the tone and texture of your skin by leaving it rejuvenated and overall brighter appearance. Helps tighten and left, produces new collagen and elastin, reduces acne and surgical scarring, improves wrinkles and fine lines, minimizes pore size, improves stretch marks.



The diamond dermabrasion provides a non-surgical skin refinishing procedure. It uses steril diamond heads to abrade or rub off the top layer of the epidermis of dead skin cells, imperfections, blemishes, and unwanted pigments. Can do treatments four weeks apart.  Great for after peels!



All peels include a post-peel home care kit. SensiCalm Cleanser, Intensive Recovery Balm, and Sheer Hydration SPF 40 Sunscreen

Add ons


Micro Nano Needling

Brightening accel

Eye rescue pads

Radiant 30 peel multifunctional

The Radiant 30 Peel is an alpha hydroxy acid resurfacing skin peel containing lactic acid. It works to exfoliate dead skin cells, boost cell turnover, stimulate collagen and improve skin texture and tone.This multifunctional Alumier facial skin peel targets multiple skin conditions, including signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, discolouration, sun damage and large pores.


This peel is best for Mature Skins, Fine lines and wrinkles, Sun damage, Large pores and Pigmentation. Peeling can last up to 7 days.This peel is combined with a custom facial containing a mask tailored to your specific skin needs and a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

Enzyme retexturing

Enzyme retexturing treatment is a highly effective fruit enzyme resurfacing solution. The unique blend of fruit enzymes exfoliates dead skin cells and promotes skin renewal. This unique experience also includes brightening enhancers, followed by targeted treatment serums to address each skin concern.


The result is a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, while soothing and maintaining hydration.

Vitamin A boost Facial

Vitamin A boost is a potent and pure retinol and lactic acid resurfacing treatment. It reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation by boosting collagen production and speeding cell turnover, creating a more radiant and even-toned complexion.


Ideal for mature or sun damaged skin. Your esthetician will end your peel with a soothing mask and massage


How we work with clients…

1:1 Consultation


Let’s set up a time to meet and discuss your unique situation and come up with a plan based on YOU.

Book a Session


Book a time with us for your body

sculpting (or any of our other services).

After Your Session


Drink lots of water, and do 30 minutes of light cardio. This helps the circulatory and lymphatic systems work efficiently.


I’m only four sessions into my package and I’m already feeling and seeing results. What I love most is that unlike Cool Sculpting, they’re able to target my small, specific problem areas and hit a larger area, per session. Garrett and Katesha have been awesome to work with since day one. We talked about my trouble spots and goals and put together a plan. I can’t wait to see my final results and highly recommend if you’ve ever considered a non intrusive, fast reducing procedure, set up a consultation!

Ashley Schultz

Katesha and Garrett are amazing at what they do! I’ve been struggling with loose skin in my stomach and a pooch from multiple c-sections. I’d looked into plastic surgery, but it was ungodly expensive on top of having down time for healing and didn’t want to miss any gym time. After 3 sessions I have lost over 3 inches in my target area and the skin around my c-section is tightening up so good! I’m loving my results and cannot wait to see the final result after my 10th session. Highly recommend!!!


Tonya Burriola

These guys know their stuff , Very knowledgeable on what the process is, I have had 4 sessions and have seen my mommy pouch shrink and my scar from gall bladder removal get lighter and tightened as before it was kinda lose and flabby piece of skin where they did the surgery.


Amanda Kephart

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